About Us

Graduated from UMDNJ College of dentistry in 1991, and completed his residency at Lutheran Medical Center from 1991-1992. Dr. Lempert opened his dental office in Brooklyn, NY in 1992.

Dr. Lempert is a general practitioner who specializes in the placement and installation of implants, as well as root canals, dentures, veneers, extractions and more. The office also provides facial cosmetic procedures such as Botox, Restylane, and JUVÉDERM®. 

Dr. Lempert and his collogues specialize in almost every sort of dental procedures that you or any member of your family may need. These especially include cosmetic dentistry including veneers, crowns, teeth whitening and bonding.

With a distinct dedication to professionalism, every patient, no matter how fearful they may be of dentists, gets a comforting and painless experience at our office. 

Dr. Lempert and the staff will always try to make the dental experience as gentle and pleasant as possible. Additionally, Dr. Lempert is also bi-lingual, speaking fluent Russian.